In the new studio

I've been meaning to post this for awhile but I just got the chance to sit down and write this blog.  


So I'm in! I've been working out of the studio for about a week now and loving it. For those of you that follow all the snapchat posts you already know and have watched me go through hell getting this place up and running. I still have a ton to get done as far as finishing touches but at least it's in a condition I can work out of. So happy and excited to add all the "Noelin" touches to the place.


The address is 1631 e Sunset c103, Las Vegas NV89119. It's across the street from the airport in the PTs plaza, I updated Apple, Facebook, and the website but I'm waiting on confirmation from yelp and Google so depending on what you use it may send you to the wrong place. 


Ok back to work now, I'm working on a blog post to show everyone some progress pics and my friend Carl has been doing a bit of video to put together a short intro film to me and my studio. Thanks for everyone's support! I'll post another update as soon as I can.