I've got a hot new assistant!

The lovely Mrs. Julie Wheeler has joined inkfx!  

It's been more and more apparent to me over the last couple years that inkfx has grown out of my hands and a lot of important business related things haven't been getting the attention that they needed.  With tattooing and other art taking up so much of my time, along with the day to day functions of a business. All of that is changing.



Recent events have allowed Julie to come on board and manage this thing I've created so long ago. With her background in the computer game industry, drive and attention to detail, she is the ideal parter to help me with inkfx.

So please bare with us as we figure out our rhythm!

From now on if you're interested in contacting me, call/text the shop 702-324-4405 or email her julie@inkfx.tattoo and she'll be able to respond much faster to schedule consults, appointments, or any other inquiries.  

And if you want to reach me personally, just message my snapchat 👻inkfx or on Facebook messenger @Noelin Wheeler

With Julie managing inkfx, I've started working on artwork for prints, and other swag! I'll post updates here so please subscribe or follow me on Facebook.




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